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18 August 2021
Finally burned out. Three or four years in the making. Working the job and the hours of three or four people.

Quick Feeds

1 August 2021
The idea of writing about quick meals was suggested to me and it was a tussle and struggle to figure out what people want and what they are able to achieve.

Origin Story

20 July 2021
Sesame is hugely involved in cuisines around the world, even defining some of them. Originating in Africa or India as one of the very first seed crops

Trash cooking

1 June 2021
We are all attempting to eat less meat. Ethically it is difficult to argue against this, the evidence is now rather overwhelming.

Skinning up

1 May 2021
A very different meaning anywhere else in the world. I feel I have made a luxurious trade in my life to be in this community and climate. Definitely a trade though.

Opening Round

28 April 2021
It is an embarrassment how easily the third hole bent over for me. I started offline but slid right, right down the chute.


Fruity & fresh, just like me


B.C.’s produce peak


Hearty, warming & comfy


Little shoots & little roots
josh white can

About Josh

Recently compared to a radish.

Bright, spicy & fresh.

Many are still not quite sure in how to use best.

Particularly funky when pickled or left to ferment too long.