Joshua White


A dedicated passion for creating vibrant seasonal food with a bright playful style and a reminiscent spirit. Speaking of which, Negroni or Manhattan please. Food that is made with unconditional love is the only thing on the menu each day.

Embracing a convivial family style of food that balances the highest quality for any number of guests. Always following nose to tail or root to shoot. We create something unique at every table and are enthusiastic in teaching every step along the way.

Working within the community to create diverse sustainable networks with farmers and producers is a key tenet to our philosophy. We will always tell you the name of the boat that caught your fish or the farmer that took the cows in for milking.

Spending years specialising in different culinary styles at the highest level. Helping multiple Kitchens to achieve and maintain top 100 restaurant status. Many a holiday is spent staging in prestigious kitchens with some of the industry’s most (in)famous chefs. This all keeps us on top of our game and offering you the very best in each dish.

Writing and books, old and new, have become the seasoning to the culinary career. Inspiring in ways that produce something familiar and exciting each time. A private passion for importing the finest teas from China and Japan will keep us rooted and respectful of what has gone before whilst inspiring us to take time out to look at what could be. 

Josh White