18 August 2021
Finally burned out. Three or four years in the making. Working the job and the hours of three or four people.

Quick Feeds

1 August 2021
The idea of writing about quick meals was suggested to me and it was a tussle and struggle to figure out what people want and what they are able to achieve.

The Braziers Are Still Lit

15 February 2021
We are getting to know our own like never before. 6am is the busiest time. Victoria hums with traffic, the lots start filling with trucks (and only trucks)

February’s Menu

1 February 2021
Just when the dreary doldrums of the new year seem to have truly settled in, Valentines baby!

Xenia and Hubris

28 January 2021
A wise man once said that looking after guests is harder than looking after your children. So much fussier, so much more demanding, and so much more needy.

The December Menu

1 December 2020
This months necessities are simple and consistent. I could happily get by with the three T’s of turkey, twiglets and toblerone but alas I strive to try harder.

Handwritten Menu

1 November 2020
The handwritten menu is a joy to behold. Something ever changing and not set in a locked typeface. The promise of the new and different. The whims of the day.

Pre-Opening Diaries Vol. 1

20 October 2020
The new food offering is upon us. Everyday starts a different time. We slowly gather at the construction site to talk of the finer things in life.

Family Meal

1 October 2020
Family meal is what happens when you work hard tiresome jobs with a close-knit group of people that are underpaid and undervalued (everyone?).

Crisp Times

20 September 2020
The morning air has the fresh snap of a newly picked vegetable. The colours of our foods and our outdoor settings feel more focused and defined.