18 August 2021
Finally burned out. Three or four years in the making. Working the job and the hours of three or four people.

February’s Menu

1 February 2021
Just when the dreary doldrums of the new year seem to have truly settled in, Valentines baby!


1 January 2021
The days are getting longer and so with it is my patience. Slow simmering shakas and gratins are the only orders we receive right now.

Fair Pay

1 July 2020
Unfortunately we need to vote with our wallets and our loyalty to be enjoying wonderful occasions and evenings with people proud to serve them.

Opening for Brunch

1 March 2020
The following was written to pep up Dose coffee and push them a lil bit further. We had many a successful year together. I miss them fondly.

The Hungry Toque

26 December 2019
Whether served on the finest local pottery by the fireplace or from a paper bag atop a mountain, a collection of ingredients is so much more than a meal.