Finally burned out. Three or four years in the making. Working the job of, and the hours of three or four people.

I have always been an advocate of workers rights. I just falter when it comes to myself. I am too excitable to feed people and too arrogant to do a bad job. Pride comes before the fall and all that eh!

Working in destinations is a hard thing to do. We have very few locals we can hire and those that do wish to stay do so for the lifestyle, laid back mountain living. Canada has a huge problem with the food industry. The guests here are far worse than those of Europe or Asia. Demanding volume and low cost whilst more than happy to accept substandard offerings. It is insulting to work for these people.

I pleaded with the owners for months to help me out. Close more days, trim menus, shorter hours, better hiring policies and wages to entice, increasing menu prices so we can earn more from less. They are stubborn and stuck in the past. I gave my notice. One week of the owner in the kitchen solo and now they have heard my pleas. One week too late. I would still of been there if they had offered even a glimmer of hope.

A group recently sat themselves on the patio at my local watering hole. Numerous signs around state to see a server for a table. After they received no service for 5 minutes they immediately became aggressive. This meant they immediately got told to go somewhere else. (a Tuesday night in Revelstoke and most bars are shut for lack of staff). These poor pathetic people drove off into the evening shout ‘asshole’ at the owner of the bar to the chuckles of the rest of the patio that know how to behave themselves, duly receiving the finest of service.

With the staff shortages a new wave of empowerment is starting. Chefs, cooks, servers and bartenders are demanding more money. Putting pressure on owners to charge more money. This is perfect! The market is overpopulated with shitty restaurants and bars, some deserve to fail. Double the prices and the good customers will still come, perhaps less often, but to no detriment. Double the prices and the bad customers will fuck off, stay home and just complain about the world like the little selfish misers they are.

I am not going back to work in another understaffed kitchen and I am not offering any services until people understand the hard work and knowledge that goes into cooking for people. One local BnB owner does not understand his own value so how can he appreciate his staffs? Offering me a gig catering solo for a private group in search of multiple amuse bouches and a three course dinner. Private cheffing of this calibre and quantities deserves to be charged at a minimum of $100 per guest.

A meal in a good restaurant with three courses and drinks will cost the same, so how dare they be so audaciously rude as to think this too much money. Not every person can afford the luxury of eating out let alone private catering. This cannot be news to people! The industry is changing and the public need to be on the right side of this. Too many people rely on the food industry and we should value quality to attempt to keep the best staff working in this industry.

August 18, 2021

Josh White

Josh has been in kitchens since his rambunctious teens. Simply looking to give people the best ‘insert dish here’ experience whilst giving us access to great food and dining.

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