The Braziers Are Still Lit

We are getting to know our own like never before. 6am is the busiest time. Victoria hums with traffic, the lots start filling with trucks (and only trucks), the cafes start filling with patrons. The printers are incessant with online orders. The phone pierces any silent moment we think we may have for breath.

Peoples days come and go as a blur to us here, a fleeting 30 seconds is all the time we have to check on each other in the morning. It is nice to know you are appreciated even in the smallest increments.

Today and tomorrow we wish to move somewhat slower, we are braising oxtails for a new sticky beef bun. Asian culture has permeated our food scene so strongly that most assume steamed, we are baking though with big bright golden risen globes of soft light bread.

We are teaching how to use the cuts people fear the most and making them the simplest. Using wonderful Greenslide cattle ensures we do not have to work hard for our flavour. Showing how heat, water and time is all we really need to cook well if we shop well.

In two days we will remove the tails and strain the liquid, it all comes together in that last moment, reducing the stock and seasoning it with a charred tomato syrup. Food is simple if you have the right pantry!

Wonderful watermelon radish is still in abundance at the Winter market so please do indulge, the peppery sweet is the perfect foil for rich buttery unctuous meats. Maybe a fried egg?

February 15, 2021

Josh White

Josh has been in kitchens since his rambunctious teens. Simply looking to give people the best ‘insert dish here’ experience whilst giving us access to great food and dining.


Josh White

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Josh White