Custom Consulting Services

Welcome to your friendly help-desk for all things foodie.

I am a culinary grafter who understands how to achieve the peak for independent businesses, chefs and owners. The high life is not easily available to everyone, I found out early the only finery I would be working with was whilst serving others! This career of servitude and dedication to the restaurant craft has come with many a flamboyant story and character, but always ended in the finest of feasts and frivolity for all involved.

Accolades come and go but the real reward has always been feeding the community I have worked so closely with and within. Special occasions that are tailored to all shapes and sizes, looking to always create a new and exciting menu for all lucky enough to attend.

I have run, managed and consulted in many establishments including Michelin starred kitchens, fish and chippies, brunch and lunch spots, boƮtes and bars. I love to help with any vision and I thrive with passionate owners and chefs.

I am proud to source from the finest local people. Supplier relationships can take longer than asparagus to cultivate but the rewards are similarly spectacular. Helping you to ask the right questions for both yourself and your producers will allow you to make the most of the finest produce.

I work with all manner of clients little and large. Nothing has been off limits yet!

Check out some of the menu pages for inspiration on what can be achieved and when, then get in touch when you are ready to really elevate your kitchen in both efficiency and ebullience!