The Hungry Toque Cookbook


Welcome to Revelstoke’s first Cookbook. 

This book has captured a snapshot of our burgeoning farm to table scene. We set out to create this as a celebration of food and everyone who plays a role within.

We will answer the age old question of “where should we eat?”.

Sparking the notion of creating a resource in which we collect a signature recipe from the best Restaurants in Revelstoke. Whether you are new to town or born and raised there is something inside this book for everyone.

Travelling around town from the farmers and fermenters to the suppliers, lodge chefs, and of course your favourite downtown restaurant, all can be found inside, happy to give Revelstoke the best culinary experience.

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With special thanks to

President Dave Hamilton
Director of Sales Karen Hill
Marketing Consultant Myles Williamson
Project Lead Josh White
Editor Jocelyn Doll
Photography Anthony Cassell
Design and Layout Tammy Robinson
Cover Art Rob Buchanan

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