Cafe Dinner Menu Winter

For Grazing

romanesco, purple and yellow cauli

For Starting

rarebit tart
apple and cabbage

grilled king oyster mushroom
zucchini butter

chicken thigh pincho
gochugaru aioli

steamed brassica salad
maple and mustard or bagna cauda

For Dining

roots gratin
celeriac and rutabaga

lamb hotpot
sweet onion and russets

chilli butter and Dose bread

For Finishing

Earl grey financiers
London fog custard and brandied apricots


Ice Cream & Sorbet

Campari and blood orange
vanilla latte

Josh White

Josh has been in kitchens since his rambunctious teens. Simply looking to give people the best ‘insert dish here’ experience whilst giving us access to great food and dining.

Handwritten Menu

Josh White