Private Chef Family Friendly

To start
Cornbread Cupcakes
Cornbread, Spinach whipped cream, Bacon bits

Grilled Ribeye,
Parsley and shallot butter, Sumac roasted carrots, Roast potato and Blanched veg

My St Emilion Chocolate desert

The cupcakes are a bit of fun and will confuse as they are topped with piped whip cream so people do not expect savoury. Simply whip cream and finish on arrival

Steak is served classically to ease everyone into the occasion. Plenty of sides and the ability for lunch the next day. All sides are vegan so we can accommodate. Best presented on a large platter if possible but can simply plate everything if preferred.
Just grilling and roasting potato, everything else will be ready

The sweet is a rich chocolate dish set like almost like a mousse with a biscuit base. Not too dissimilar to a cheesecake. It needs nothing to accompany it and set in a round cake tin will leave everyone going back for more. I have a vegan chocolate treat I can sneak in if needed too, would just need to portion on arrival


To start
Beet Borani/ Hummus, Local breads, Raw veg sticks

Chicken Breast
Pan roast chicken breast, petit pois a la francaise, New Potato, Blanched veg

Shortcake stack
Shortcake biscuit, Poached pears, Chantilly cream and Chocolate sauce


Again big colourful plates. The kids loved snack food and both the starter and the sweet can be eaten in this way. Safe flavours but healthy without upsetting anyone. indulgences like chocolate are kept to just a sauce after the previous nights richer fare.

Josh White

Josh has been in kitchens since his rambunctious teens. Simply looking to give people the best ‘insert dish here’ experience whilst giving us access to great food and dining.

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On Indulgence

Josh White