German Bierhaus

2 August 2021
Menu for a large kitchen team looking to keep you drinking. Utilising larger suppliers for simplicity.

Dia De Los Muertos

2 November 2020
Sugar skulls and celebratory offerings. Party with those past and present.

Local Food Initiative Take-Away

2 September 2020
Delivering a special occasion. Restrictions need not hold us back.

Aussie Cafe Winter

2 November 2019
A winter of staff shortages made big menu changes for efficiency. Keep the staff healthy and happy eh.

October Long Table

2 October 2019
Last outdoor long table of the year. Designed to celebrate a barn raising at a riverside farm.

Harvest Hootenanny Main Event

2 September 2019
The main show for our seated guests. Family style with wave after wave arriving at the table.

Harvest Hootennany Arrival

2 September 2019
Easy to achieve ready and waiting appetisers for 120 people.